June 20

Bad week

Dear Readers,

Last week was a tough week for my family because I heard that my Antie only has about one week left to live. we are all very sad. From the 17th to the 19th of June, my parents went to see her before her time is up. Thats all the news I have today, so good bye, and see you next time.

February 4


Dear readers,

Today at lunch, I auditioned to be in the school rock band. I auditioned to play Guitar but was selected to be a bass player. A bass guitar is similar to a normal guitar, except it has four strings not six. We practiced until  there was five minutes left  of lunch. We played our first song and it sounded great. When we finished my shoulder was really sore from holding up the bass.

February 2

first day!

Dear  Readers,

On Monday it was my first day in grade six. I was excited to see how Mr. Burness taught his class. I found out he is quite funny, and always joking about, but he is a great teacher. I like Mr. Burness. I think I’m going to have a great year.

October 6

My holiday recount

We had arrived at the snow. By the time we got to bed it was 1 o’clock. I went to a snowboard lessen with Jon. We learnt to do one/two footed stuff and to do the Falling Leaf on the Big D.

Today we learnt to do S turns. I basically only went on the Big D, but I went on the summit once. It was fun. I had a very good sleep that night.

The next lesson was at the playground. I learnt to go up a jump, and I also learnt to go up a ramp then slide on a box.

July 28

Music day

Dear Readers,

Last Wednesday in the first to hours of the day Music Is Fun Band was here. They played at least 12 song. It was fun.

After play lunch we walked of to SheppHigh. it was  really fun


June 26

Grade 5 Inquiry Expo

Dear Readers,

Yesterday(25/06/2015 Thursday) we had our grade 5  Inquiry Expo. we had to think of a question and then present it in a written and creative way. My was on where the water in the oceans come from. I did an creative and written in one together in a paint project, where you looked at the picture and then read the little information slips. My Expo stall got about 29 people out of about 100 and 2 teachers out of 4. thanks for reading, i’ll do my next post soon.

Sinserly Tom

May 29

song information

To Readers,

We had to make a Tweet about some information. i did mine on what a song is.

“a song is something that you sing. most people sing when they are happy and sometimes you make your own tune. you can whistle a song.

May 22

100 word challenge

Dear Readers,

here is my 100 word challenge. Hope you enjoy.

There was a normal guy named Fred. He likes to walk in the park .One day Fred was waking in the park when a ferocious wind blow off his hat. He chased and chased his hat but the wind was to strong. Finally he caught up with his hat and when he looked up he saw he was lost! Then the wind blow of his hat again, and yet again he was chasing his hat. He caught it and looked up he was standing next to a map. so he went home and was happy ever after.

sincerely Tom

May 14


To Readers,

This week’s update is on NAPLAN. This week it was NAPLAN week. On Tuesday in then morning we had our first NAPLAN test and it was on writing. Then after recess we had our language conventions test. On Wednesday we had our reading test and I only just finished it. And today/Thursday we had our maths test. over all I think our whole class did well. So good bye and see you later.

sincerely Tom.